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Chocolate Break Time
Chocolate Break Time
Chocolate Break Time

Chocolate Break Time

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Perfect mix of chocy goodness. Better than cake, this is a great Cheerful Gift that will brighten anyone's day. Packaged in a reusable, multipurpose bag.

Kokako Classic Drinking Chocolate - 250g

Premium Certified Fairtrade Organic Drinking Chocolate.
When combined with milk or hot water this creates one of the darkest hot chocolate beverages on the market with a unique earthy combination and a distinctive high quality taste. Kokako is a New Zealand brand focused on creating increased consumer awareness of ethical beverage products in an appealing and contemporary way.

Ceres Organic Bliss Ball Mix 220g

Take charge of your bliss balls in just 10 minutes with your bare hands – it’s some hard core back to basics taking shape. But basic these balls are not, they're made of nutritious seeds. Plus, you can jazz them up with whatever you!

Just add coconut oil or butter, vanilla & water, that’s it.

Ceres Organic Cashews, Tamari Roasted – 100g

Combined the sweet, nutty flavour of cashews with the tangy, savoury flavour of tamari soy sauce. Our Tamari Roasted Cashews are bursting with organic deliciousness, whilst delivering beneficial nutrients including protein. Throw into salads or stir-fries, or devour straight from the pack!

Loving Earth Caramel Chocolate 30g

Organic caramel flavoured chocolate made with raw ashaninka cocoa.Made in Australia using organic products and Certified Fair Trade. Vegan suitable and sustainable packaging.